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If you want to visit Svaneti and you are looking for hiking to nice villages, with
traditional and natural food, typical mountain atmosphere, beautiful views and real hike without asphalt -this hike is just for you. You can start the hiking from village Lakhushdi, village is located in Latali community and is 2 km away from the central road. In this village is located  Ecohouse Svaneti  Guesthouse where you will meet real Georgian traditional family, taste natural food and sleep in comfortable rooms.  From Lakhushdi to Tsvirmi you need one day, but if you prefer several days hiking there is possibility to continue hiking to Ushguli direction by different way from the most popular Mestia-Ushguli trek. Therefore, you can start this hike in Village Lakhushdi and continue to Tsvirmi-Adishi-Iprali-Ushguli direction.  If you have heavy backpack and don’t need all your thing on the hike, you may leave your backpacks in Ecohouse as they have luggage store.

Hike starts in village Lakhushdi  first 1 km you are going down, than you need to turn to the right and continue road inside the forest and go up to hill, first populated place is village Heshkili, it is old historical place now there are so nice wooden huts and from this area  you can enjoy by beautiful views of Caucasus and Svanetian mountains then continue way up to highest point of Hatsvali cable car where is also located restaurant  on 2340 m. if you prefer hike in cozy atmosphere you can continue road, but balcony of restaurant offers you beautiful panorama views of Svanetian mountains. If It’s almost noon and hot day, you can open the refrigerator where you can find cold beer. If you are having good lunch and prefer to take it into nature, next stop is Mentashi hill which is perfect place for relax in nice meadows. It is highest point of the trek and from the hill you can see many mountains. After the Mentashi next destination is Village Tsvirmi small nice village untouched from tourism.  The village is not wide choice for comfortable guesthouses, but there are some cozy and  clean  guesthouses where you can sleep and taste delicious food.
On the second day you can continue hike to Village Adishi or back to Lakhushdi by car.  If you prefer horse riding, there is possibility to rent the horse in the village Lakhushdi and pass this trip by horse.


Detail about the Trek:
Distance: 20 Km
Highest point: 2473 m
Lowest point: 1230 m

On this day tour, we combine two winter highlights, a glacier walk and a search for the spectacular Aurora Borealis for an amazing day out in nature. We start by heading to the Sólheimajökull glacier, where we enjoy a safe and easy Glacier Walk up onto the ice field. As we explore all the features of the glacier such as water cauldrons, crevasses, ridges, and waterways, we learn about the history and formation of Icelandic glaciers. After the Glacier Walk, we head to the powerful Skógafoss waterfall before we enjoy a traditional Icelandic dinner at a local restaurant. As we head out into the night looking out for those magical Northern Lights, we pay a mandatory stop at the lit up Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

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