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1)Kutaisi is the third biggest city (after the Tbilisi and Batumi) in Georgia located on
western part of the country, near the city are located many interesting places. On the
first day you can see Kumistavi (Prometheus) cave, which is one of the biggest caves in Georgia, explored in 1984 year, inside of the cave are underground rivers and lakes, the length is 1,8 km and it is located 40 m below sea level. Prometheus cave 1-hour tourist route passes through Argonauts Hall, Kolkheti Hall, Medea Hall, Love Hall, Prometheus Hall and Iberia Hall. The trip finishes by pedestrian or boating tour on the underground flow of river Kumi. After the cave next destination is Okatse Canyon there are waterfalls, rivers, infrastructure for visitors, such are bridges, staircases, great views, wild nature. In the summer time you can swim in the river, there are good places for picnic, drinking wine or Chacha with locals. There is possible 2-3-hour walking tour near canyon area and also one of the highest waterfalls in Georgia-Kinckha. you can rent jeeps from the locals or continue walking by foot. Next place is Gelati Monastery, founded in XII century by the most famous King of Georgia, King David IV called the Builder. The Gelati Monastery for a long time was one of the main cultural and intellectual centers of Georgia, with Monastery was also famous Gelati academy. 

Overnight in Kutaisi

2)After the breakfast begins real mountain adventure to Svaneti direction. There are
adventures on the road too, first important place on the way is Enguri Dam/reservoir, it
is a hydroelectric dam on the Enguri River in Georgia. Currently it is the world’s second
highest concrete arch dam with a height of 271.5 meter. Enguri is biggest river in
Svaneti region. The water reservoir is huge and creates beautiful landscape, after the
dam road continues in narrow valley, on the road there are waterfalls and mountain
views, after 4-5 hours you will arrive into Mestia, the center of Svaneti. Check-in and
rest in the hotel than continue road for the short hiking. Near the Mestia is situated
Chaladi Glacier on 1920 m from the sea level. The hiking path is short 5-6 km way and
takes 2-3 hour. The elevation is 420 M. Mestia is located on 1500 m from sea level. The
glacier is located near the Russian border and you can see huge ice and Caucasus
mountains from the path. The path is across the forests with pine-trees. after the short
hiking you will be back to the center and have time for walking in the small center of
Mestia after or before dinner. You can eat breakfast and dinner in the Guesthouse, they
also provide lunch boxes for next day hiking. 

3) After the breakfast transportation from Mestia to Etseri Community, where starts the hiking path to Mazeri direction, via Maziri mountain. The distance from Mestia to Mazeri is 25 Km asphalted road. The driving time is 30-40 minutes, then starts the hiking in the small village Iskari. It is very nice path with a great view of Caucasus and Svanetian mountains, e.g. Mt. Ushba 4700m, Glaciers, Svanetian Ridge, Enguri Valley and etc. On the Mountain Mazeri (2279m) is situated small church of Archangel and also small lake. The lake is so small and not possible swimming, but creates, so nice landscape for photography. On the top of the mountain there are great viewpoints and panorama views of Svaneti. The path connects two valleys and two community of Upper Svaneti. The trail ends in village Mazeri, where you are able to stay in the guesthouse and eat dinner. First part of the path crosses the forests and then starts the alpine meadows. In summer season there are lots of mountain flowers, in Autumn lots of blueberries. After the Alpine meadows, again forests and it continues until village Tvebishi. Mazeri is nearest village from Ushba mountain and from the village you will have great views of that huge mountain. 

The highest point is Baki Pass 2460m and 
lowest point 1440.
Distance 17 km,
Difficulty: Moderate
Time 6-7 hour

4) After having the breakfast in the guesthouse in Mazeri, where hosts provide also
lunch, you will be able to start hiking to Shdugra waterfalls and Ushba Glacier. Shdugra is the tallest waterfall in Georgia, located in western part of Mt. Ushba (4700m) first cross the river Dolra   3-4 km, then continue though the pine forest. This part of the path is so flat, then cross the river with wooden bridge and start slope, from the way you can see waterfall and fragments of Mt. Ushba. Second part of the road is more difficult, 1-2 km is slope, afterword you reach the waterfall. The distance to the waterfall from the village is 5 km and 2-3 hour is necessary for one way. From the waterfall to Glacier distance is 2.5 km but path is more difficult than first part, if you have enough experience of hiking you can reach the glacier in 1.5-2 hour. In 1 km you need to cross the river Dolra again it is a top of the waterfall, the views from the top is fantastic, you can see Dolra valley, Svaneti Ridge and mountain Laila (4009m). After the next 1 km you can reach to the huge glacier, where the river Dolra starts. The highest point is 2500 m above sea level and lowest point 1640 m.
Total distance to the waterfall is 10 km and to the glacier 15 km; 

Trail difficulty: to the waterfall moderate and to the Glacier hard;
Time: 5-6 hours to the waterfalls, and 7-8 hours to Glacier.

5) After the breakfast in the Guesthouse you will start hiking to Mkheri mountain. It is one of the best one-day hiking place in Svaneti area. On the mountain located Church of Archangel on 2500 m from sea level. The church was built in XIII century and some centuries ago there was Monastery as well. Local people have many interesting legends about this place. Every year in July is calibrated religious festival by the local people called “Limkheri”. It is one of the important dates for the local people. The new path which looks like a circle starts in village Kvanchianari and finishes in village Lakhushdi. The path crosses the river Enguri than starts forest and most part of the path is covered by forest. It is wild forest with many types of trees, where you can enjoy wild nature. After the forest starts alpine meadows and breathtaking views of Caucasus and Svaneti Ridge. From the top are the best views of mountain Laila (4009m), and panorama view of almost whole  Svaneti.

Total distance is 15 Km;
Highest point 2492 m lowest pint 1209 m;
Time for two-way 6-7 hour.
Trail difficulty: Moderate;
Back to Latali and dinner in Guesthouse.

6) Having breakfast in the early morning in Latali and then transportation from Latali community to village Adishi; the distance is 40 km, driving time 1,5 hour. It is a small and very nice village; The pass crosses the river which has no bridge and you need a horse for crossing the small river.  You can feel yourself so far from civilization.  In the village there are Svan Towers about 1000 years old and also old houses, it means that you can feel oldness, this will remind you traveling in the time. From the pass there is great view of Adishi glacier and it is one of the most popular places for photographers. It is a part of several day hiking path from Mestia to Ushguli and it is best part for hiking with a beautiful view. The path crosses the Chkutnieri pass 2660 m from sea level. From the pass there is panorama views. Then you descend in hero village Khalde. In the 19th century village alone decided to resist against Russian empire. This part of the route has a very high reviews from the hikers. This part is also the hardest from Mestia- Ushguli for day trek, but at the same time it also has the most impressive views.

Highest point is 2660m;
Total distance is 17 km;
Path difficulty: moderate/hard;
Time: 7-8 hours;
Overnight in village Iprali. 

7) After breakfast in Iprali starts hiking to Ushguli direction; it is a village with lots of
Svan towers, the highest inhabited place in Europe, some part of the village is located
2200 m. The path is not long and difficult crosses the mostly alpine meadows. From the Ushguli is great view of the highest mountain of Georgia, Skhara (5200m).
In the village is situated two museums. The most famous Georgian Queen Tamar had
two residences in Ushguli; one was for winter and second for summer. The winter
residence is located in the village and summer residence located on the hill near the
village. In the village is also located Lamaria Church and Monastery built in XII century. In the village you will have possibility to meet with the genius painter Fridon Nijaradze, his paintings are really amazing. 

Length of the path is 12 km;
Difficulty: easy;
Time: 4-5 hour.

After lunch in Ushguli starts transportation to Kutaisi direction. If you have time you may visit Martvili canyons on the way and stay in Martvili and then continue trip to Kutaisi  airport. The flight times is very important for the last day program;
Driving time from Ushguli to Mestia is 2-2,5 hour;
Mestia to Martvili 3,5 hour;

Mestia to Kutaisi 4-5 hour.

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